Are you having WiFi problems in Bognor Regis?

WiFi Problems in Bognor Regis

We have been installing commercial data networks for over 30 years and can help resolve your internet speed and streaming issues in both your home or office.

– Slow WiFi speed
– WiFi Reception dropping out
– Buffering when streaming Netflix / Amazon
– Areas of the building with no reception

The reasons behind the issues you are having can vary greatly from hardware location to building construction to interference from other electronic products to name a few.

A quick visit to your premises is all we need to assess your situation and to determine your requirements, and for us to provide you an estimate to get you the connection speed and strength you require.

You can contact our technician direct during office hours on 07710 623292 to discuss your requirements, or you can Contact Us to send us a message detailing what you would like resolved.